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Same idea as System.Web.Abstractions, except for the phone. We currently provider two interfaces:

    public interface IPhoneApplicationFrame : INavigate
        Uri Source { get; set; }
        JournalOwnership JournalOwnership { get; set; }
        bool CanGoBack { get; }
        bool CanGoForward { get; }
        Uri CurrentSource { get; }
        void StopLoading();
        void GoBack();
        void GoForward();
        event NavigatedEventHandler Navigated;
        event NavigatingCancelEventHandler Navigating;
        event NavigationFailedEventHandler NavigationFailed;
        event NavigationStoppedEventHandler NavigationStopped;
        event FragmentNavigationEventHandler FragmentNavigation;
        PageOrientation Orientation { get; }
        event EventHandler<OrientationChangedEventArgs> OrientationChanged;
        event EventHandler<ObscuredEventArgs> Obscured;
        event EventHandler Unobscured;


    public interface IPhoneApplicationService : IApplicationService
        IdleDetectionMode UserIdleDetectionMode { get; set; }
        IdleDetectionMode ApplicationIdleDetectionMode { get; set; }
        IDictionary<string, object> State { get; }
        StartupMode StartupMode { get; }
        event EventHandler<LaunchingEventArgs> Launching;
        event EventHandler<ActivatedEventArgs> Activated;
        event EventHandler<DeactivatedEventArgs> Deactivated;
        event EventHandler<ClosingEventArgs> Closing;

And in our testing project we have concrete implementation for use in unit tests so you can raise the events etc.

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