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Windows Phone Essentials

This library is focused on making the common things you have to do in every windows phone application. The essentials project will help you do
  • Simple and Powerful Application Settings
  • Abstractions - Interfaces and wrappers for all the phones static and sealed classes (Frame, PhoneService, Iso Storage etc) to enable testing. Also has Fakes in .Testing project
  • Tasks/Chooser helpers - Nice clean wrapper API which is fully testable
  • Tracing/Logging helpers

In the future we plan on adding error handling helpers, a very limited number of primitive controls (to help create an awesome performing app) and a few other things which we feel EVERY project needs. This project does not aim to solve all problems you may have, it is designed as an essential helper library for every windows phone app and is complimented by many of the other frameworks and toolkits available.

Available on NuGet. If you want us to release zip files on codeplex, then just post in the issue tracker and we can start deploying to both NuGet and codeplex.

Documentation/More information at

These two frameworks are making use of the essentials framework rather than solving the same problems in each framework, we have built a common library resulting in more testing and identical usage. You can now use your favourite pattern, and have similar features in each framework. - MVC (Model View Controller) Framework for the phone - MVP (Model View Presenter) Framework for the phone (soon)

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